Star Wars: Last Jedi Review *Spoilers*

When I kept hearing from people that it was as good as Empire Strikes Back I was very optimistic. This coming from a person that enjoyed ‘Force Awakens’ despite a few flaws. It was entertaining. I felt like I was along for a great ride and that I was ten years old again. I didn’t need a movie as good as Empire Strikes Back.

Well, I’m sorry to say. This movie is no Empire Strikes Back. Not by a long shot. My problems with ‘The Last Jedi’

  • Why on earth would Luke Skywalker try to kill Han and Leia’s child? That just makes absolutely no sense to me. One of the themes that seem to be surfacing is bad parents that don’t necessarily want their children. I’m just baffled as to why they’re going down that road as a narrative.
  • (1)Rey’s parents. At Star Wars Celebration in Florida where they first announced and showcased the first trailer, the very first question asked to the director was,”Who are Rey’s parents?” Well, it appears they’ve answered that. Nobodies. Not “special”. So we had Vader who was born of immaculate conception and we have this very special bloodline of Skywalkers but now it looks like we’re shifting to give it anyone. Why? Why is it so significant that the director wanted it known that her parents are nobody? *sigh*
  • Killing off Snoke in this movie when you spend very little time developing him. We don’t know where he’s from. Perhaps the outer rim. Was he perhaps the first Jedi and he perhaps left the order? Well, all of that could have been an interesting storyline but instead, he was taken down rather easily.
  • Leia. Now they’ve opened up this whole box of worms of ‘What do we do with Leia now?’ I’d almost would have rather had her say that she’s tired of a life of fighting and maybe she wants to go into retirement. HaHa. But anything would be better than the current way we left things based on what can be done with episode 9. Maybe it would have been better if she had just become a force ghost and left it at that. Take Luke’s fate and put it in place for Leia. (2)
  • How do you do this to the Luke Skywalker character? Ok ‘Force Awakens’ we got rid of Han Solo. Now we have a disappearing Luke Skywalker?!? Couldn’t that have been best used in episode 9. As far as Luke being the Master Jedi, other than himself being projected across the galaxy, we never get to see how truly powerful he is. More of the movie is spent just showcasing how crabby he is. Maybe we’ll get lucky and they’ll use Luke kind of like Ben Kinobi. (3)
  • What’s the deal with Rey and Kylo’s relationship now? The first moment they’re fighting alongside one another and the next they’re not. Same issue as earlier. Where do we go from here.

I’ll add more thoughts as they come to me. I’m going to see it again before Christmas with my daughter. I’m more interested to see how she feels about it. To summarize – it left a lot on the table and a lot of WTF moments for me. Looks like it also has only a 56% rotten tomato score.

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