Saturday at Torrey

What a Saturday


Saturday was loaded up from 5 am onto 11:30 pm yesterday. By the end of the day, I was just exhausted. It started with going to Torrey Pines (Farmers Open) with buddies Eric and Keith and Eric’s pal Jimmy. All of them together made for excellent company and you realize just how popular the sport of golf is. Torrey Pines always has a very big attendance and it’s highly enjoyable.

Shot with the IPhone X

Some highlights of the round of golf that I watched:

My pick:


I think it’s Ryan Palmers time. Who – little known fact – is Mr. Palmer’s grandson. HaHa. See what I did there?

Tiger Makes Cut

Tiger Woods is onto the weekend largely due to this approach shot and an excellent lag putt.

My favorite shot was definitely his flop shot to save par. Huge!

Getting up and down 7 of 9 times. So much for those chipping yips.

I’m off to Torrey. Have a wonderful day everybody.

Beer News

If you Live in San Diego – Don’t Care about Popular.


So a publication ranked the top selling beers in America.

  1. Bud Light
  2. Coors Light
  3. Miller Light

It’s important to note that this is just measured in sales. Also, it’s worthy to note that beer sales in barrels were shipped by 2 million less than the previous year. However, more families are spending more for beers such as craft beers.

San Diego the home of the Craft Beer industry. Nobody has won more medals worldwide. Brewers from other countries and cities come here to figure out how we do things. People fly to San Diego to go on beer tours. We now have over a hundred craft brewers in San Diego and it’s still growing. So why would you think of having a beer that is just mass produced?! When you can have something original. One of my kid’s friends worked on a great documentary on craft beer in San Diego where they interviewed all of the top brewers.  I’m posting the first entire episode here. It’s called ‘Kings of the Craft’. Very well done.

My quick thoughts on this in audio form. Click below.

Farmers Open


The Farmers Open golf tournament is underway in two days. It’ll be good to get out and see the pros. I’m more interested in how they go about things. My pick – John Rahm. I’m not going to lie though, it would be nice to see Tiger Woods in the mix.


Charlie Hoffman


Charlie had an excellent video that he posted to his InstaStory. It was so good that I went ahead and grabbed it. (His voice in the video)

Golf with the Boys

It was good to get out with the boys. I played solid on the front and then the wheels fell off on the back.

Testing out the portrait mode on the IPhone X


Decent birdie putt on #8
SDSU Ladies out for matches…

Stop Cherry Picking Science

As is stated in the video, we really need to stop cherry picking data. We hold onto what we want to believe instead of what we should believe. “When science doesn’t fit someone’s world view, they deny it.” – Bill Nye. I’m also a big believer that we see a lot of what’s called the backfire effect.

The backfire effect occurs when, in the face of contradictory evidence, established beliefs do not change but actually get stronger. The effect has been demonstrated experimentally in psychological tests, where subjects are given data that either reinforces or goes against their existing biases — and in most cases people can be shown to increase their confidence in their prior position regardless of the evidence they were faced with.

My favorite is also from Bill Nye:

Well, any time you’re burning fossil fuels, you authorize more pipelines, you’re headed for trouble in the big picture. But in the bigger picture is this thing, you know, this word we love, ‘cognitive dissonance,’ this phrase. You have a worldview that disagrees with what you observe. So you might expect, if you were as open-minded as a scientist, as a scientifically-literate voter or taxpayer, you might expect that data would change your mind — but that’s not how people are.

People on either side, the other side and this side, you double down when you find conflict, it’s called the ‘Backfire Effect,’ it backfires, and you get more entrenched in your worldview. For example, if somebody believes in astrology, it takes them about two years to get over it. You have to show them over and over there’s no such thing as astrology, it doesn’t really work, and then they let go. But everybody’s expectation that you’ll let go in a week is not going to be met.

So our problem, everybody, is this doubling down, this backfire effect. So we have to work, I think, diligently in the science community to fight back. Of course there are the facts, we start with those. But there’s this human nature thing on both sides to fight back. We have our bubble over here, they have their bubble over there.


Well Hello Saturday

I’ve been getting people asking me why I don’t update my blog as often anymore. Well, life got busy and I would mainly only use this as a tool for some place that I owned the content. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – they own whatever you share there. This is mine. I can export it out or delete it or whatever. So I’ll probably try and do my blog on three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.). Every day might be a bit tedious as I don’t want to bore you with items all the time.

Elisabeth Shue

My first real crush growing up. Ali. I was really bummed when they wrote her out of Karate Kid II. This is a decent interview with her and Rich Eisen discussing many things but mainly that she was a better soccer player than Ralph Macchio.

Government Shutdown

Republicans and the President are going to have to own this. When you’re the majority party and you have control of every branch of government, you lose the ability to point the fingers elsewhere.

But I think Jeff Cannata said it best…..

Ironically, it’s on the one year anniversary of Donald Trump’s inauguration. Now you’ll be known for this. How’s this ‘Making America Great Again’ ? Seems to be just more of the same.


Today is a big day in that I take portraits for Club Pacific volleyball. The actual portraits are the easy part. Then it’s the resizing and putting them all on the website and properly organizing them which is the toughest part. That will take some time.

Something of Interest.

An excellent documentary on Albert Einstein.

Happy Sunday

Just imagine being in a room with these two together. Amazing…

Moving on….


Yesterday was our 2nd Saturday Golf Tournament. I played moderately well with two birdies but I just couldn’t putt. I must have left six or seven putts short of the hole.

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 8.08.47 AM

I thoroughly love my Garmin S60. With it and the scorekeeping abilities, I very rarely pull out the rangefinder during a round anymore. So many features between syncing with my phone, step counter, slope corrections that you can turn off and on, etc.

Plus it gives you a nice breakdown of the entire walk (round of golf).

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 8.07.57 AM

Highlight *

Not golf related. My daughter, Joy, is down and we’re having an excellent time. She’s growing up so fast and will be ten years old this month. Holy Cow! Where has all of the time gone?