Fury Unleashed

Trump vs The Book

Surprise! Surprise! The author of “Fire and Fury” got access to the White House and campaign season. What do people have to say about our President? According to the author everybody thought that he behaved like a child. Is anyone really surprised? At all? This book just confirms all that most normal people already thought. That we elected our local village idiot to be President of the United States. *Slams head into desk*

I did buy the book. It was immediately available for my Kindle Paperwhite at midnight. Almost nothing better for a reading experience. Why? It’s easy to take notes with the Kindle Paperwhite and my big pet peeve is that I don’t need to have the book hanging around on a shelf for years.


Sean is finally making the rounds. I wish he’d make a larger attempt at realizing just how silly he sounded at times. He claims that when information came available later that they tried to correct the record. Uh. No. It got shuffled under the desk and you didn’t. Nobody expected perfection. Nobody wanted to just put you to the fire so to speak. But just stand up and say you made a mistake.

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