President’s Cup

Golf this weekend was bittersweet. On one hand, I was glad that I was able to put together one good round. It was duck taping things together and to say that I was leaking oil coming in is probably being generous. But I was able to post that 77. Flash forward to yesterday and I knew it was going to be a tougher round. Why? St. Patrick’s Day. Also our typical Saturday night out with friends so I knew I wasn’t going to get home until late and then it would be a matter of how little alcohol I could drink so as to stay in a decent golfing shape. BTW, thank goodness for Uber. More on that later.


Witnessed it First Hand

A sandbagger is a lovely golf term. It means that your handicap is higher than your golf potential on purpose. Basically, so that you can try and give yourself an advantage over your playing partners. My playing partner was one under thru eight holes of golf but here’s the kicker – he was getting six strokes. He finished with a score of even par and shot a net – 66. Odds?

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 6.11.00 AM

It looks like the odds are around 536:1. Just a good round that’s completely random? Just a month ago we also had a net 67 from the same golfer. 276:1. Argh! It really just makes you wonder why you’re competing in a tournament.

But focus on the positive. I got to enjoy a fun round with Jim Davis. I played decently well on Saturday in rainy conditions for two hours. Basically, I got soaked for two hours and I was still able to string something together.



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