Facebook. What did you expect?

Funny video that Henry Cavill made about his CGI mustache removal that was used in Justice League. Quite funny.

Moving on….


I really don’t know why we’re in such a huff about the whole Facebook and your data was given to other people. That’s the risk of these social networks. You don’t OWN the data. You make posts and you give that data to Facebook who puts it on about a hundred different servers. Backups up backups. Ever tried leaving Facebook? They tell you that it’ll take thirty days to process the deletion of your data. Insane.

“This is a major trust issue” – Mark Zuckerberg

No flipping shit Mark! Isn’t that obvious!?!?! Now the Obama administration is saying they were given data access as well. So basically – hey if you want it – we’ll give it to you. My advice? I use Facebook sparingly. I’m very careful what I do post to it and what I give another company about my life. Basically, all Facebook knows is that I enjoy a good beer with my wife, I enjoy my daughter Joy, and I enjoy photography/golf. That’s all that I’m good with. I post maybe two photos of my daughter a month.

Golf Fun.

I got out Tuesday afternoon for some golf with Eric and Dylan. Doug was enjoying his match and WON!




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