Enterprise Fail

HaHa. No, not that one. The car rental place. I’ve had literally the worst experience ever with them. This all started because my wife got hit in the back of her new car by a millennial up by work while she was stationary. The car that hit her – going about five mph. If I had to guess she was probably looking at her phone and then wham. My wife said she was nervous and shaken up. Yep! Beware of that 5 mph. Wait until you hit 10 or even 30 mph. So anyway, our insurance provides us with a rental car while we’re getting the back bumper replaced. Hello, Enterprise rent-a-car. I arrive there are 9:30. Get a Chevy and drive it on home. One big problem. The AC doesn’t work and the air flowing out of it is warm as if it’s direct from the engine. Yeah, that’s not going to fly. So off I go back to Enterprise. I arrive and tell them,”No AC. Only heat pouring out.” They have me wait thirty minutes and tell them they’ll get me an upgrade. I’m happy. Finally, he walks me to out to this Dodge Journey. I get it, start her up, and no Bluetooth. Now in this day and age, every car that I’ve looked at comes with Bluetooth for calls. I tell the guy,”This won’t work. I need Bluetooth for calls.” He proceeds to tell them that about half of their cars don’t have it. That’s just plain crazy to me and I think he was talking out of his ass.


So I wait another thirty minutes. Finally, they point me to a Chevy Tahoe. A big beast of a car. Bluetooth. Yes. Air Conditioning. Yes. I’m happy. Drive it to home and park it in the driveway. I think to myself that I’m glad I don’t have to deal with Enterprise again. My wife and I are walking the dogs that evening and she says,”Do you realize that the car has Illinois plates on it and that they’re expired?!” I swear I just want to bang my head on something.

It looks like I’ll be making another trip back there this morning. This is truly the worst customer experience I’ve experienced with a car rental outfit. I’d just like a normal car. AC. Bluetooth. Proper Registration.


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