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It was one of those rounds where I wish I could have it back to do again. Three putt on on the first and last holes. Two balls in the water on critical holes. Take those shots and make them how I normally play and my 83 is a 79. From that standpoint, I have a lot that I can hold my head high about.


As it is we ended with a tie for third. Stupid mistakes along the way. My partner picked up on #14 when he was receiving a handicap stroke because he thought he couldn’t beat my par. That’s part of this problem with the culture of ‘pick up’ is in my experience it’s only a matter of time before it bites you in the ass. That one stroke right there – would have had us in 2nd place. But, honestly, with the way that I played, I shouldn’t be complaining.

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 6.21.24 AM

I just couldn’t get things going. Missing some greens, hitting some errant tee shots, and trying to hard with my putter.

What’s on the horizon though…..

Member-Guest coming up next month.

Club Championship.

Interestingly – we did have a rules question. A golf ball came to rest about two feet up in a tree stump. My fellow competitor deemed there was a squirrel mound and wanted to take relief siting an abnormal ground condition.


Basically, to summarize, you cannot take relief from an abnormal ground condition if you’re using it to create a better stroke for yourself from one where it’s impossible for you to have one.


In stroke play, Tammy’s ball lies under a bush and it is clearly impracticable for her to play any stroke at it. However, her ball lies against a mound made by burrowing animals. What is the ruling?
A) Tammy may take relief, without penalty, from the abnormal ground condition even if this also gives her relief from the bush.
B) Tammy may take relief from the abnormal ground condition and then decide whether to play her ball or follow the procedure for ball unplayable, incurring a penalty of one stroke.
C) Tammy must take relief from both the abnormal ground condition and the bush, within two club-lengths of where her ball lies, incurring a penalty of two strokes.
D) Tammy must either play her ball as it lies or follow the procedure for ball unplayable, incurring a penalty of one stroke.
Answer: D) Tammy must either play her ball as it lies or follow the procedure for ball unplayable, incurring a penalty of one stroke. Decision 25-1b/19.
Note: Tammy is not entitled to relief from the mound made by burrowing animals because it is clearly impracticable for her to play a stroke due to interference by the bush. See Exception to Rule 25-1b.


Draft Day

Today is the NFL Draft day. Man teams bet their fortunes on the drafts that they can get today and hopefully change their team’s forecasts. My picks and opinion? There is so much emphasis put on being the #1 Draft pick that it’s better to come in under the radar and develop and become a better quarterback. Prime example: Aaron Roders was the 24th pick in the first round in 2005. Can you remember who was #1 in that class? Yep, it was Alex Smith.

My pick. I think Josh Rosen will be the real deal. Below is an excellent interview that Dan Patrick did with Josh Rosen two days ago.

Cubs Win. Golf with the Boys.


Cubs won in a rematch with the Cleveland Indians. It wasn’t even a close game with the Cubs offense in high gear.

Interview with Schwarbs after the game….

Golf with my Tuesday Group

I got in a good round yesterday with buddies Eric and Doug and the addition of Tom Pew. Good guy and a lot of fun. He’ll be a welcomed addition to the Tuesday group. Doug was having one of those rounds where he’d prefer to wake up and realize it was all a bad dream. I’m not sure which was worse – him playing that badly or us watching it. We were all in agreement that we hadn’t seen that bad in a long while. No Bueno Doug! You’ll get back there. One round – toss it out the window.

Eric, however, played quite well and I think we played to about ‘net even’. He’ll claim to take a .1 victory but no sir – that isn’t happening.

Wednesday Morning Golf

This morning I have some golf with my other group. Like clockwork, we get a last minute cancellation. It’s amazing how different my two groups are. Tuesday – all the guys love golf and can’t wait to get out and play. We enjoy the banter. My other older group – it seems sometimes the stars have to align and even then it’s a maybe on if they all show up. It just leaves me puzzled. Yeah, you tell em Ryan Reynolds.


Moving on Ryan…..

I hope everyone has an excellent day. Especially my lovely wife. Ok ok anyone that reads this – you can have an excellent day as well.


Jimmy Walker on Lyme Disease


In the span of a few months, Jimmy Walker went from becoming a major champion to facing major health questions. Faced with a wide array of symptoms from fatigue to a “brain fog,” Walker had contracted Lyme disease. He just didn’t know it yet.

A great interview where he discusses all topics from his Lyme disease to getting back to competitive form.

Kris Bryant. Ouch

Very scary moment. 97 mph and heading right at your noggin. But he’s a tough player.

Early scans and medical examination shows no concussion. Lets hope for the best.

Smugmug Buys Flickr

That’s the big news. Flickr has long been squandered by Yahoo and essentially left to die. It used to be the premier photo sharing service in the 90s. Everyone wanted to have a Flickr account and it was a big deal if you paid for the ‘Pro’ features. Yahoo bought them and just cut the rug out from them. They got rid of the owners and then the talent left and start working for competitors basically creating what Flickr should have been.

Enter Smugmug. Another service that values photographers. Wait and see what exactly will come of this.


Select Partners

Early this morning we have our ‘Select Partners’ tournament. I’m partnering up with my buddy Gary. We’ll see how it goes. It should be a lot of fun as it’s a fairly loose format ‘better ball.’


On a different note…..

It’s a great month for the movies. Infinity Wars and Solo. Both I’m optimistic will be good flicks.

Be well everyone!

Comey Interview

I file this under elections have consequences. What gets me and makes me laugh. Trump is all about being on the attack of Comey who served under both Republicans and Democrats. If Comey hadn’t put the information about the email investigation of Hillary Clinton there is a decent conversation to be had that we’d have a different conversation right now.

James Clapper makes some decent observations of his meetings with Trump while head of the Director of National Intelligence.

On a related note, I wanted to comment on this.

We spend more than the next top twenty countries combined. There has never been an instance where we haven’t had money to buy something for our defense. More than anything we have a bunch of wasteful spending with our military.  Sorry, Donald, but the answer isn’t to spend more.

My last comment. Why isn’t Donald Trump focused on the future and future election meddling by the Russians or any foreign entity? All the discussions are on the past.  We need to focus on the future. We have midterm elections coming.