I’m Back….Again

I’m back and writing on my blog. I took a little time off while I was fighting this cough that I had. One visit to the Dr and it turns out it was more than a cough. Anyway, I’m finally more like myself. Enough time in bed.

Last evening we visited the Vuong’s and it was definitely a ‘go hard to midnight’ type day. Fortunately for me I had the perfect excuse being that I’m on antibiotics to go a little lighter.

Moving onto the Masters

Tiger Woods survived but still couldn’t post anything in the red. At least, on hole twelve he didn’t hit it in the lake for what would have been a third straight day.

The story definitely has to be Patrick Reed. He’s playing some good golf.

People are saying that this is a Ryder Cup rematch. Wrong! These two are going to be keeping to themselves. Especially Patrick. It’s completely different. Patrick has to play the golf course and not play Rory. So no there won’t be any finger-wagging.

But it’s not all Patrick Reed. Rory has a chance. If he can have another round in the 60’s, he’ll put the pressure on Patrick Reed.

Facebook Still under Fire

I’m sorry Mark. You gave away fifty-million people’s data without their permission and your answer is ,”Sorry!” Why didn’t you have stronger privacy standards in place from day one? I feel users have the right to know when their data is being sold or given and used for purposes that they don’t want it used for. I’d be very careful with Facebook and trusting them.

California. Independents about to overtake Republican Party


We need more people with common sense. More people like myself and like my wife – who in the last election voted for ‘NONE OF THE ABOVE’. Not Hillary. Not Trump. We need better candidates and better choices. Enough of the standard bells and whistles.

“Trump is bad for California.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger


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