Padres Bench Clear. What an Embarrasement

This whole damn series so far it’s been the Padres MO to pitch the Colorado Rockies inside. You either do that well or you have to go to a different strategy and it’s really only a matter of time before someone gets hurt. Both teams start pitching each other inside and sure enough, you’re going to end up with injured players.

Padres, in this case, end up looking like idiots. Pitching another batter so inside that you completely miss the target and the ball lands behind the batter. That’s crazy.

Another thing. If you a batter comes at you. It’s time to man-up. You don’t throw your glove at him. In the history of baseball brawls, how many times has throwing the glove been effective? 0%. Hell if it was me, I would catch the glove and throw it back at him and then pound him into oblivion.

Also, what’s up with Mark McGuire being involved in so many of these brawls?!?!

Then in Padres fashion, they go on to lose the game. *sigh*


Facebook vs Congress

I’ve officially heard it all while watching some of this. From conservatives blaming him for why they feel they were censored. Cmon. You do realize that it’s all an algorithm. An algorithm based entirely on what you’ve liked in the past and what content you like on a daily basis. Free speech? You need to realize that yes you can say and type anything you’d like but Facebook has the right to determine that it goes against the brand they want to put forward and hence delete it.

I highly enjoyed what Mark said they have going for them with artificial intelligence in flagging hate content. This is huge. Nobody understands that.

Sen. Durbin did have a good point while questioning Mark. Video of the exchange below.