Cubs Win. Golf with the Boys.


Cubs won in a rematch with the Cleveland Indians. It wasn’t even a close game with the Cubs offense in high gear.

Interview with Schwarbs after the game….

Golf with my Tuesday Group

I got in a good round yesterday with buddies Eric and Doug and the addition of Tom Pew. Good guy and a lot of fun. He’ll be a welcomed addition to the Tuesday group. Doug was having one of those rounds where he’d prefer to wake up and realize it was all a bad dream. I’m not sure which was worse – him playing that badly or us watching it. We were all in agreement that we hadn’t seen that bad in a long while. No Bueno Doug! You’ll get back there. One round – toss it out the window.

Eric, however, played quite well and I think we played to about ‘net even’. He’ll claim to take a .1 victory but no sir – that isn’t happening.

Wednesday Morning Golf

This morning I have some golf with my other group. Like clockwork, we get a last minute cancellation. It’s amazing how different my two groups are. Tuesday – all the guys love golf and can’t wait to get out and play. We enjoy the banter. My other older group – it seems sometimes the stars have to align and even then it’s a maybe on if they all show up. It just leaves me puzzled. Yeah, you tell em Ryan Reynolds.


Moving on Ryan…..

I hope everyone has an excellent day. Especially my lovely wife. Ok ok anyone that reads this – you can have an excellent day as well.


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