Mother’s Day, Player’s Championship, and Saturday Evening Out

Let’s Start with the Players


It’s always one of my favorite tournaments to watch. This year, Webb Simpson, just played stupendous golf from the start and ran away with this tournament. The guy who had to re-work how to putt when they banned the long putter. Well, you did it, Webb.

Tiger looked like he was mounting a charge for 2nd place but he fell victim to the 17th.

There were people that had worse finishes though – enter Jordan Spieth.

Mother’s Day

It’s hard to believe it’s been fourteen years since my mother passed. I wish I could say that it gets easier but it definitely doesn’t. I won’t be cliche’ and say she was the greatest mom in the world but I will say she was the best to me. I remember her driving an hour and a half to a cross-country meet to pick me up so that I wouldn’t have to take the bus home. Which enabled me three additional hours to get ready for prom. The things that I remember I make sure to write down now. Memories fade.

My wife Daniela is an excellent mother. Here’s a video I put together of my wife and her children.

Saturday Evening out…..


We went out for a night on the town downtown. I’d say about four times a year we end up in downtown San Diego and it’s enjoyable each time. I’m not sure I’d feel the same way if I did live downtown. HaHa.

Oh, we’re definitely quite the group of dancers.

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