Sycuan Member-Guest


It’s the yearly Member-Guest that I look forward to. This tournament is the full deal with all the bells and whistles. Lunch, dinner, camaraderie, oh and yes there is a lot of golf actually played.

Before I start getting into my experience. I’d like to thank Clint Higgins and Jason Schneider and all of the Sycuan Resort staff for making it such a special event. If it wasn’t for you guys, the event wouldn’t be what it should be.


Friday was an optional buy-in around and as with most golfers, we can’t get enough golf and so we sign up for play an optional round.

The Doctor on Oak Glenn

We had an excellent time and didn’t have our best stuff. Doctor was making a mistake or it was me. It just wasn’t flawless golf.

Playing opposite of us was Dylan Graham and Doug Babington. Video above is Dylan demonstrating that he can nail a one foot putt. Well done sir!


Saturday was the first official day of the tournament. Various formats on different days but it was obvious Saturday was the day to separate the men from the boys. All your ball counts and no cushion/safety net that is provided on Sunday.

We had an excellent time and finished even for the day. But even for the day doesn’t get you close enough to the leaders that you need to be.

For the first time – we actually had a Saturday evening dinner. One which we brought out the ladies for.


Doctor and his wife Cindy.

On a slightly comical note, it was really obvious that some people didn’t understand what ‘business casual’ meant. We had jeans and Hawaiian shirts and some people in shorts. Rather funny but perhaps typical for our club.

These two. It was definitely a bromance all weekend long.


We started off hot and played well. My partner Keith just didn’t have his A-game which was frustrating for him. I know how that feels. I carried the team on the front nine and then Keith found some of his game and contributed on the back 9. Highly enjoyable to always play with Keith and enjoy the time out there. Nobody I’d rather partner with.

Who’d we play? Craiger and Scott. Both class acts and made the round very enjoyable.

Craig teeing off.

We ended up finishing a stroke out of the money but we did gamble playing this dice game. The first year we ended up doing that and ironically we ended making more doing that than some people did in their winnings. Crazy!

Final Review

Excellent tournament and the new format is welcome. Perhaps some slight modifications in the payouts to make it so there are fewer ties. We’ll see. Loved showing everything Sycuan has to offer.





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