Crazy Weekend

The Weekend

The weekend is finally here and it’s a very busy weekend at that. For starters we’re heading to a 1 – year old’s birthday party at a nearby park. It should be mildly fun. I guess. I’ve never been to a 1-year-old’s birthday party where the guest list was sixty-five people. You ever have those moments where you look at how your parents did things and then you look around and it’s just odd. Well, like Bob Dylan said,”The times they are a changing.” Anyway, you go and support friends that have a wonderful child who I wish nothing but the best for.

Here are the parents celebrating their daughter’s first birthday today. 

Moving on…..

Tonight then we’re hanging out with our friend’s Terri and Andy who just got back from their trip from visiting and collecting their son at NYU. We’ll hang out with them late into the night. It’s usually a very good time.

Pictured above is Terri and Andy from the Crawfish Boil that is happening again tomorrow. 

Then tomorrow it’s off to the Crawfish Boil. The LSU Crawfish Boil. Here’s how it works. You buy a table and you get Crawfish and beer. You help support the LSU Alumni association. Did I attend LSU is the common question? Absolutely not.

Ironically, this Irish lad doesn’t eat Crawfish. So literally more for everyone else. But I do enjoy good beer. Years of long ago we used to take the trolley there. But now with Uber, it’s the safest way to get there.

Look at these two beautiful people! 

I was looking thru my Adobe Lightroom Catalog and found some pictures of our friend Becky who two year’s ago brought her newly dated boy Bill. I hoped he was a keeper as he’s an Ohio State fan. It turns out he’s stuck around and they’re now living together. Bravo!

Becky and Bill. Go Buckeyes!

Then Monday comes and it’s off to Hawaii…..


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