NBA Finals

So much to talk about. But the bottom line: The Cavs treated this like it was game 7 and the Golden State Warriors treated it like they were playing game 1 of a series. For me the defining moment was Kevin Love fouling Steph Curry within the closing seconds that put them up one.

The NBA today is really hard to watch. Back in the day, they used to officiate on advantage vs disadvantage. Now they’re looking for everything technical and the games are incredibly difficult to officiate.

Jon Barry says it best:

The biggest issue that I agree with Jon Barry on that Lebron doesn’t take it to the rim enough in the final minutes of games. I agree – he doesn’t want to be shooting free throws. He’ll push for the longer jumper or the deep three. Michael Jordan made his career taking it to the hoop and definitely wasn’t fearful in the final minutes.

Also, anyone that says Lebron is the best of all time. First off – different eras. Different rules. No hand checks which leads to a decline in defense today. Why did the NBA do this? They wanted higher scoring games. That’s exactly what they got. A couple of easy stats.  Jordan never scored 50+ points and lost in the finals. While on that same stat, Jordan never went home empty handed in the finals.

The Warriors know they didn’t play well defensively and got away with one. They’ll fix that and be back up to the point spread.

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