Phil Mickelson and the USGA

Mickelson’s return here highlights his incredible U.S. Open record and, in particular, New York. But there are also reminders galore of the 2004 U.S. Open setup gone wrong. He finished second in that U.S. Open, a victim of Saturday’s 7th green hole location and an overall extreme course setup. Mickelson has not let that fiasco go.

“The difficulty is, when you dream of a championship as a child — whether it’s U.S. Open or the Masters, whatever event — and you dream of winning these tournaments as a child and you work hours and hours and you fly in days and days and do all this prep work, and then you are left to chance the outcome, as opposed to skill, that’s a problem. That’s the problem that I have with it.” – Phil Mickelson

Interesting that both Phil and Tiger are staying off-site and won’t be practicing at the US Open site until tee off on Thursday. Phil is choosing to stay at a nearby course and practice there. Tiger is staying on his yacht and I can imagine he’s got quite the golf setup on that yacht.

USGA Rules

This is an issue that will even apply to me. The golf club that I belong to is going to have to deal with in December of this year we’re going to be playing with one set of rules and then in January with a new set. Gone will be the words ,”Nearest point of relief.” and will be replaced with ‘reference point’. Gone will be the words ‘Two club lengths” and instead will be 20 inches or 80 inches.

Many others. I have this PDF that has the basics of the changes. Click here for changes chart.

Excellent interview with Mr. Davis of the USGA –

Anybody remember the 7th hole where the USGA lost control of the golf course and it became as Phil Mickelson put it in his press conference ‘carnival golf’.

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