US Open Yesterday

So the US Open was off and running except this time the USGA had gone thru the trouble of softening the course. Water and more water. Accessible pin placements. Many weren’t happy with what the USGA did with the course yesterday.

Also, I agree with Ian that the fans are obnoxious. Why’s it necessary to yell ‘Mashed Potatoes’ or ‘BabbaBooey’ after nearly every shot.

Zach Johnson has a solid point.

Regarding the Phil Mickelson controversy. He used the rules to his advantage. Plain and simple. It happens all the time. Golfers will drop the ball on purpose on areas of land where the ball will go forward – so that they can give themselves preferential lies. It’s just a player using the rules to his advantage.

My wife is a tax CPA. If she knows the tax laws better than you do and we, therefore, pay less in taxes than you do – is that somehow unfair to you? Absolutely not. You can educate yourself or hire yourself a CPA to look after your tax interests.

He could have just as easily taken an unplayable and perhaps done even better on his score. But the beauty of golf is this. The rules that apply to golfers at the US Open are the same that apply to everyday recreational golfers.

Phil had this to say about his ruling kerfuffle:

Brooks Koepka Wins

He played some solid golf on still a tough course. Well done sir.

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