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Phil Mickelson


I think I’m coming around on that he should have been DQ’d. Here’s why. The first rule of golf, Rule 1-1, describes how the game is to be played from tee to green. Rule 1-2 details several things a player may NOT do while playing the game. This is what 1-2 speaks to: “Exerting influence on movement of the ball or altering physical conditions.”

The applicable part of the rule here is as follows: “A player must not take an action with the intent to influence the movement of a ball in play … ”

If you stop a ball while rolling and then play it in the opposite direction, how is that not taking an action to influence the movement of the ball? Mickelson stopped the ball.

The rule also says that the committee may disqualify a player if he commits a “serious breach” of the rule. Breaking the rule on purpose, and then in effect claiming you did it because you were being smart, would certainly seem to be a serious breach.

Bored enough already? Dan Patrick and Brandel Chamblee make the case better.

Then there is the interview after the US Open

Wonder Woman 1984


It looks like they’re well underway on their filming.

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