Golf, 4th of July, and Blockers

Golf Yesterday

I got out yesterday morning for a few holes of golf before I had to get home to look at how well things are being finished with our house.

In the middle of the Storm

Shame I had to leave when I was +1. It was a shame to watch Big E have some issues with the shanks. But no doubt that he’ll be back to normal by Tuesday.

4th of July


We Americans love any excuse to get together and have any reason to party. I called two places trying to get a group together for a round of golf and surprise surprise – everyone wants to golf the day before the 4th of July.

Terri and Andy’s Last Evening


Thanks for the good company last night.

Movie I’m currently watching – Blockers

It’s definitely funny. Kind of a reverse American Pie but for the ladies.


Flooring is now 90% done.



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