Golf with the Guys


Golf with the guys is usually a fun time. But I take exception when slow players bring a golf cart with them. Especially when they very often wait at one person’s ball before they go onto their next ball.

This begins the discussion is walking better than riding?

  • Usually, people in carts aren’t as good at paying attention where their ball ends up. I think they figure they can just drive out there and spend time looking for it.
  • It’s much harder to get into a rhythm. Mainly because before you know it you’re at your ball. You don’t have time to think about it and level out why you made such a poor swing, etc.
  • Also being in a cart isn’t near as social. Sure you’re social with the person in your cart perhaps, but those walking have a much more social experience.

Myself personally. It’s a walk outside and you’re enjoying nature. Unless you’re sixty years old you should grab a pushcart and enjoy some time outside. Be it two hours or four hours.

Regardless, it’s always enjoyable to get out with a good group of guys that enjoy competing and playing good golf.

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Lebron James

I agree with ‘The Herd’. The Cavs screwed this up. Eleven years with the best player and only a single championship to show for it.

You need to stop saying things like,”It was a good run.” That being said Nike announced they’re bringing down the Lebron James banner in Cleveland.


Sports Illustrated has a good breakdown of all the NBA dealings and how good/bad they are.

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