Civility in Politics?


Today’s word is definitely “civility”. I’m not sure what happened to it. But we’re definitely living in an age where we’re talking to one another like immature kindergarteners.

White House Press Secretary got a first-hand experience of this in Virginia when the restaurant manager/owner didn’t care for her eating in their establishment. Of course, she cried foul. Does Ms. Sanders attend her own White House briefings? Not a lot of civility there. Maybe she’s attended some of her boss’s Presidential rallies. Nope, not a lot of civility there either. It used to be that we could point to the President as an example for our kids. Be something that represents the goodness of America regardless of party. Now we have a President that most of the time at campaign rallies goes out of his way to be as uncivil as possible. I’d even bet it’s a reason a lot of people might have voted for him.

Now we even had our President going after former President George Bush Sr. Cmon. The guy is ninety-four years old. GW’s Press Secretary had some thoughts on this.

We’re definitely in a weird age.

I’d love to see us evolve politically to the point where we could have measured, intelligent debate about serious issues. I had dinner with my son Tommy on Thursday night and we had a good discussion of topics coming from different sides. We could even both joke and laugh about how bad things are currently. Why was it beneficial? Nobody made it personal. We listened to one another rather than talking over one another.

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