Weekend Recap

Trying something out. Today’s killingfreetime post will be done entirely on my IPad while I’m sitting outside downing some coffee down my throat.

2nd Round of Eclectic

Excellent time was had as it’s a fun tournament. Play one round. Post a score. Play the 2nd round and see if you can better any of your scores from the previous week – keeping your lowest that you already had from the previous week.

I bettered my scores by 7. Another player in the A-flight bettered his scores by 16. That’s what happens when you play aggressively and you can make a lot of birdies.


My wife went and saw Mamma Mia with my daughter Lauren. Quite liked it. Not an entire surprise as she’s a big fan of ABBA.

We started the evening off to our usually drinking spot ‘The Study Lounge’ as it’s just a short walk and quite nice. Also beer and mixed drinks prices are insanely low. $5 for mixed drinks. I’ll take it.

Also under new ownership. You might have heard of ‘The Study Lounge’ as they were on bar rescue. We then ventured onto EastBound and sat next to a weird quirky ‘Trump’ supporter. It seemed like an enjoyable challenge to play a little mind bingo. Though some of the items that are said these days has got me completely puzzled.

“Barack Obama didn’t love the United States.” – Lakeside Trump supporter

Cmon. Hey, I’m all for being a Republican. I even support their principles. We have a huge spending problem and most don’t want to talk about that. But no matter which party is in office, it’s spending spend spend. Like I tell people, I’m a true independent and couldn’t vote for either of the parties this last election. Put up terrible candidates and you’re not going to have my vote instantly.

My daughter went down to San Diego Comic-Con and got into some of the exclusive parties. That’s what happens when you’re 6ft 1, brunette, and in your 20’s.

Lauren and her brother Derek

I heard from my wife that she saw Kevin Smith at 1 am at the party she was at. What?!? No autograph?!? Oh well. Moving on. Warner Bros had their big panel yesterday. Dropped trailers for Aquaman, Shazam, and even brought Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot from the new Wonder Woman movie ‘WW84’ coming out next year.

Gal Gadot posing for photos after the Warner Bros panel. 

Shazam trailer below:

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