Coca-Cola, Hackers, and More


I hope you’ve had a chance to read this article. DefCon – the annual hacking conference has been going on. Finally – they got their hands on our voting machines from multiple states. Surprise! They were all compromised. Some even remotely thru the wifi. Some required some amount of physical access. Most using exploits to Windows that have never been patched or also because the software is no longer supported by Microsoft.

Look. As much as we like the speed and convenience of voting systems, we cannot use them. There is too much at stake with too much of a possibility of these systems are being compromised.


Bryson had one of those days that he’d prefer to completely forget. Worthwhile to watch and it’ll definitely make you feel better the next time you go golfing.



Coca-Cola had their earnings call and announced they’ll be raising their prices. Surprise? The tariff war that DT started has turned into a nightmare and like I’ve been saying ,”Nobody wins in a trade war.” Cost of aluminum becomes more expensive and our companies are going to push those costs onto consumers. What’s next? Get ready for the beers you drink.


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