Ohio Voters, Golf, and it’s Saturday

I didn’t get a chance to discuss this earlier in the week. Ohio had some close races and it was very obvious that this was the Republican base saying we’re sick of how the party is behaving. Basically, it was a “grow up” moment. Donald Trump is pushing this us vs them brand and it’s NOT what makes America great. We’re great when we’re not divided.

Moving on. I guess Omarosa has a book coming out. Lots of excerpts coming out.

Golf with the Guys

Making the 18 hole walk.

Always good to get out with these guys. Competitive and fun. Social. Eric had one of those starting holes that will become something of a legend. But I give him a lot of credit. He didn’t throw a club or quit.

We’ve all been there. Definitely never fun to watch. Alright. It might be a bit.

Myself personally. I just couldn’t get anything going. Back nine was just terrible.

Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at 5.16.25 PM


We’re off to hang with our friends Becky and Bill. Always highly enjoyable. Looking forward to it.

Also, it wouldn’t be the PGA Championship without this.

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