Tiger Again. He’s Back

Tiger finished a strong 2nd. Posted his lowest 4th round of a major yet with his 64. I do find Twitter funny that they’re noticing that Brook’s girlfriend Jena Sims seemed a bit eager to hug Tiger Woods.

You may have seen her in such academy award winners as Attack of the 50ft Cheerleader.

Back to Tiger. Brooks Koepka played his butt off. Excellently done. But this is the new formula. Hit it 340 yards and get your a wedge in your hand. Hit it tight and make the putt.

I agree with Brandel that we’re seeing something special in the return of Tiger Woods.

Dan Patrick also had an excellent breakdown of the Tiger effect and some of these kids are experiencing it for the first time.

My Take:

It’ll be great to see him win again. He’s close. It’s excellent for ratings and it’s excellent to watch. I give him a window of about five years where we see him highly competitive. We still haven’t seen him firing on all cylinders.

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