Hey, Grown-ups. We’re doing Birthdays Wrong


I was debating if I wanted to write about this. But it’s really become necessary. A friend of mine on social media posted yesterday.

“It’s my birthday Saturday. So it’s my birthday today, tomorrow, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.”

Not so fast.

It wasn’t until I joined Facebook that I realized nearly every day is someone’s day. No way are we going to forget about it. Some as bad as announcing,”It’s my birthday.”

“It’s my birthday weekend!” may be acceptable if you’ve booked some kind of special getaway. And maybe if your birthday is on a Wednesday but the party’s Friday night, I’ll give you the two days. But if you’re anywhere close to adulthood, there’s no such thing as a birthday week.

You are not a 16th-century monarch. You don’t command multiple days for your personal festivities.

As a child, I knew my birthday lasted until midnight on June 24th. June 25th was not my birthday but it was the LONGEST day away from my birthday.

Now with social media, I see people posting months in advance that their birthday is coming.

Also, this “Happy Birthday” that people post on Facebook is meaningless. Pure meaningless.

Why not say things like –

“Happy Birthday. I really appreciate how you’re always there to listen.”

That has some meaning to it.

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