Verify. Verify. Verify


We live in an information age. While it is nice that the information is at our finger tips you need to verify it. My favorite verification tool is  Their entire website is devoted to fighting falsehoods. What’s nice about them? They don’t just give their opinion. They provide the video clips from the originals as well as content so you can see what drove them to the opinion of false or true.

The fake on the right.

Mrs. Adams in third grade always used to tell me ,”Chris what are your sources? How good are they?” Well, today more than ever we need to verify everything. Basically, I go under the guidelines of if it’s too good to be true – it is.

In case anyone is wondering, here’s the actual video from where they pulled the image and doctored it. You can view the snopes article.

Also one of my favorites a while ago was a Facebook group called ‘Vets for Trump’ put out a photo of the SeaHawks burning a flag in the locker room.

The only slight problem. Here was the actual image.

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