RIP John McCain. Dustin Johnson Interviews. Golf with the Boys


John McCain

I know John had his moments and I think perhaps what was most respected from him was he didn’t always toe party lines. But, lets not also forget that he had a sense of humor.

Moving on….

Dustin Johnson has to be the most carefree interview I’ve seen. People were kind of making memes about Paulina Gretzky in the background during this interview.

Fortunately, Amanda being a good sport decided to have some fun with it.

Golf with the Boys

I got out for some golf with the guys yesterday. Always enjoyable!

Keith McKee showed up after his girls’ golf team practice. Unknown to most is this golf season he’s trying something different. He’s playing the entire season left-handed. Putting, driving, chipping, etc. Entirely. So we had a play with his left-handed club.

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