Oh there you are Wednesday

It was a day that changed us all. We were shown to be very vulnerable and we entered the terrorism fight on a bigger level. RIP to all of the lives lost on that horrible day and may we remember to care for the responders that went into the buildings to rescue people.

My Latest Read


I like reading these books. But I take them all with a grain of salt. Also, the fact that he couldn’t get an interview with the President of the United States. Though I guess he did try.

You can hear the phone call between Bob Woodward and Donald Trump discussing his trying to get an interview below.

I absolutely refuse to pay for books like these. Enter the internet. If you’d like to read it – here you go. Download it for your IPad here. Save yourself the bucks. I’ll let you know how it was after I finish the read.


It was good to get out with Eric and Sam. Both competitive and enjoyable to play a round of golf with. My buddy Sam finally took the plunge to a ClicGear. Best move I ever made.



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