New IPhone and Apple Watch

As many of you may know I’m hugely into technology. Without fail, Apple announced their new flagship IPhones and a new Apple Watch.

Here’s the entire announcement in ten minutes:

Yes, without fail they also announced a new Apple Watch that does health EKG’s. Yes, we reached a point where these devices are starting to potentially save lives.

My takeaway:

  • Minimal camera improvement. Mostly just a better processor that handles the signals from the image processor. Will you get better photos? Yes.
  • Finally a full-size OLED IPhone. The IPhone XS Max. 6.5 inches. I read a lot on my devices. News, magazines, and the rare book. Size matters. A full hour and a half more battery life on the 6.5 inch.
  • Very curious about the watch. We’re entering an interesting age with these devices getting more and more FDA approvals and they’ll start to save lives.
  • New software comes out next Monday that will be available for all recent IPhone devices.

One of the best reviews from a trusted source is from MKBHD:

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