Trump lacks Presidential Maturity

This has been my issue with Donald Trump for a while. He can only act like a mature adult for so long. First, he was saying that her testimony was credible. But I knew that wouldn’t last long. Now – he’s using his pulpit in front of the American People, using taxpayer dollars, to bully someone.

To try and promote laughter at the expense of what she might very well have gone thru. I say might as let us be honest, we’ll never really know. This supporting witness says this and another says that. Who has an ax to grind? Who knows these days.  Also, it’s a bit odd to me that an entire investigation got wrapped up – in like four days without interviewing Judge Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford.

I’m playing Ben Shapiro’s comments on Fox News yesterday for a reason. Mainly because he makes some valid points. Yes – Judge Kavanaugh is still afforded due process as are white people. But this is a political appointment. We don’t need conclusive evidence for a Senator to vote a simple, “No.” You can go simply on your gut and having doubt is even enough.

Recently this week Trump had another moment where he was showing his maturity.


Mitch McConnell wanted Judge Kavanaugh on the bench. Before he heard a moment of her testimony. Before any investigation. He knew he was going to be on the bench and he knew everything else was just a hurdle to push through. So let us be real here. The Republican party isn’t about to admit a loss here.

I think he’ll get the votes and Judge Kavanaugh will be a Supreme Court Justice.

I wish though….that we removed his name from consideration and the Republican Party nominated someone else without such a potentially damaging checkered past.


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