Saturday Morning. Coffee Please

Yep. It’s Saturday morning and it’s time for coffee. Let me find my pot. Ah yes, here we go.

What’s new with the world? Looks like Kavanaugh is going to be a Supreme Court Justice. Big surprise. (sarcasm). This whole thing to me was a lot of smoke and mirrors. The FBI Investigation which Time Magazine is reporting they were told the scope of who they could interview.  What’s the point of an investigation where you’re told whom you can interview and actually given a date on when things are wrapped up?  Also if you really want a funny read – Brett Kavanaugh wrote a memo talking about the explicit questions he wanted to ask Bill Clinton. It doesn’t get talked about much that he worked for Kent Starr’s office doing the investigation into Bill Clinton. Brett also spent nearly $2 million dollars investigating the Vince Foster death and surprise surprise – came up with the same conclusion as other investigations.

We should probably move on.

Baseball Playoffs

Three-run homers help. The Red Sox are going to be tough. Dodgers are playing well. Kershaw looked a lot like his old self.

As a Cubs fan, it’s nice having the luxury of not stressing now in the playoffs. But I can’t help but be thinking, “Hey my team should be in this.” It was just an offensive collapse the last two months of the season. It seems like Theo (Cubs GM) and I are on the same page in how we feel about things.

It’s not very often that you get a GM to give a very frank and honest evaluation of where his team is going and how it was for him watching.

Golf Lessons

Thanks Bob for the time spent. The road to better.

Lastly, as Halloween is approaching I do love me some Velma. Have a good weekend everyone!


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