Whew! It’s Friday


Cubs News

Cubs hitting coach Chili Davis has been told he won’t return for next year. I’m of mixed feelings about this as the Cubs were a solid team half-way thru the season. Then the wheels spun off and the team was leaking oil badly in the 2nd half of the season.

Players have begun doing their end of the season interviews with Theo. I guess a point of criticism that was brought up was that Joe Maddon likes to constantly change the batting order.

Based on what Theo had to say at season’s end it looks like the Cubs are going to do some re-shaping.

Along these same lines. Lots of rumors of the Cubs trying to get an extension to Kris Bryant before 2021. Some sources saying it’s even as high as $200 million dollars.

I’m not buying it but on the same token Scott Boras was the same guy that led Jake Arrietta out of town to the Phillies and now he’s pitching for a team that wasn’t even close to making the playoffs.

Golf with Big E

It was good to get out and play some. Twilight golf makes me feel like I’m a kid again going out with my dad.


Paige released this excellent putting video. Give it a view.

Jim McKinney

He’s racing overseas in Italy representing team USA. Go Jim go!


Have an excellent Friday everyone!

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