Oh hey…Wednesday

World Series turned out to be a good one. The most expensive team in baseball in the Boston Red Sox competing for a World Series and surprise surprise, they pulled out a win. Red Sox have to be the favorites.

Moving on….

Fucking Millenials


Yesterday was not a good day for my feelings on Millenials and the kids (young adults) of today. I’m generalizing and, of course, this doesn’t speak to all of you. Let’s start with my plans that were made on Sunday.

We’ll call him Jack. I made plans with Jack and his wife on Sunday. Nothing fancy. Hooley tacos and watching the World Series with some drinks.

My conversation with Jack. Or Jack’s wife. Whomever.

The conversation ended that evening on Sunday with this….

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 7.11.06 AM

The ‘See y’all Tuesday’ was made me think these were set plans. My wife says to me on Monday night. You should check with Jack and make sure this is happening. That she’d change plans to accommodate this. So I go ahead and do that. I hear back the following morning.

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 7.11.34 AM
The responses the following day

There was never any discussion of tile shopping whatsoever. Also, now Jack had moved onto the ‘when did I commit to this?’ If it were just me. I go with ‘who cares.’ But when it also involved my wife and she’s re-arranged plans. It doesn’t bold well. Shit happens. I get it.



Ironically, also on the same day. I’m leaving the gym and off to get a sub. I’m walking up and there is a sixty-year-old woman in-front of me. In front of us is a twenty-something and he opens the door and boom – nearly hits this woman in the face as the door closed on her. I had sped up to grab the door and I said to the kid ,”Cmon. What are you doing? Wake up.”

His response:

Sorry Bro. I thought she could get her own door.

First off. I’m not your bro. Second. How about for a second, not just thinking of yourself and looking out for other people??!?! I know it’s crazy.

Have a good Wednesday everybody


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