Apple Watch Series 4 copy

Two weeks into the Apple Watch Series 4. I love it. It’s excellent at the gym. It’s excellent out for dinner. What’s the best feature? If you get the cellular version I can travel without my phone. I can go out for drinks and not look at social media but still get the important texts or phone calls that I might need.

I have bands that I swap onto it when I want it to be more dress appropriate. Then I have Nike bands when I’m headed to the gym. My only drawback? The aluminum versions (cheapest) doesn’t have as nice of glass on the front of it and it’s more likely to scratch. Even better? Apple has a trade-in program for previous fully functional watches where they’ll give you a credit off your purchase. Granted the older your watch is – the less you receive in credit. My wife has a series 1 and I think she received $40. It’s $40 off something you’re likely to never use again. Myself – I had a series 3 and they gave me $300 off. So the new stainless steel version was half-price.

Best apps that I prefer for the Apple Watch

  • Overcast
  • Carrot (weather)
  • Apple Podcast’s App (which if you have the cellular version will stream without being attached to the phone
  • Apple Music
  • Fantastical
  • Remote (For the AppleTV)

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