Trump and Respecting our Military

Veterans Day is upon us and yesterday was the USMC’s birthday. I’m going to give this moment to give a huge thanks to all of those that laid their lives so we can have the world we have today. The ones that paid the ultimate sacrifice.

We had the D-Day remembrance ceremony in France yesterday. To which our President canceled his attendance due to claiming that his helicopter was grounded. Yet, Canadian’s Prime Minister, Germany’s, etc were all able to make it. The above is video from the ceremony. This ceremony is very special and has been special for all previous Presidents. 2, 289 U.S. soldiers are buried there and it’s a very solemn occasion for all that attend.

The irony here is that Trump prides himself on being Pro-Military. Yet General Dunford and John Kelly (his chief of staff) both were able to attend.

You could go further back and see how other Presidents have handled the occasion where it does frequently rain.


The men that died that day had a bigger fear than rain. They were fighting for their lives.

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