Happy Friday


Thanks for those of you that have asked when I was posting again. It’s nice that you ask about my little turd of a website. I even gave a ProV1 golf ball to a guy that mentioned my website on the golf course last Saturday. Even better that he remembered the URL killingfreetime.blog. Bravo! I just haven’t decided what I’m going to do with this. Make it highlights of news that I find interesting? Aren’t I just re-hashing the news that is already out there? Maybe write about specific topics of interest. I’m still undecided.

Politics – lightly

We used to not be so sensitive. I’ve almost entirely swayed away from politics on Facebook. Why? It does no good. You don’t listen/read. Your mind is already made up. I got into a discussion on Facebook discussing Trump’s lack of mentioning Veterans Day. I mentioned And pointed out that he did while he was overseas. It’s not a beneficial discussion when no matter what your mind is made up and you’re going to just broadcast negative. Trump did this….Trump did that….and it’s all negative. Never anything that he does positive. Democrats and Republicans alike are doing this.



An excellent discussion on the new IPad Pro. For the first time, I’m thinking of going to a larger IPad.

Golf – Fore! 

It’s always good to get out with the guys.

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