Tiger. Just Plain Tiger

I was happy to actually pay for the pay per view event. $20. It’s a drop in the bucket. It’s not like it’s the $100 PPV boxing matches. No those I’ll just watch the next day on several illegal websites. Bless those illegal websites. I’ll give you my comments on the event.

Charles Barkley and Samuel Jackson was interesting. They definitely provided interesting commentary. You could tell they were paid for only so many appearances. Charles had a very good comment.

“I just want you to know something, America. This is some crappy golf. You all know that. These guys aren’t playing well. They’re both playing awful today.” – Charles Barkley

It definitely wasn’t a sight for good golf. A dual pair of 69’s. Tiger with six birdies and three bogeys. But you have to keep in mind that this is offseason for them. They’re not ramping up the practice and dialing things in with swing coaches now. Remind you of anything from the past? Yep it’s the skins game all over again. Guys play mediocre and winning skins with pars or one guy gets hot and wins a pot.

The good old days where the skins was a ratings hit.

My buddy Eric and I have a bet as to whether Tiger will win another major.

Judging whether Tiger will win a major based on a PPV event is rather ridiculous. Are we already forgetting that he won the Tour Championship and was in the hunt at a major? Not to mention his vast history of already winning. Winning Majors is a marathon. 72 holes of the toughest test in golf. Not a PPV event where the rough is low and the entire event is decided on a 96 yard shot.

Top Golf

Top Golf was a lot of fun with our group of eleven. It makes me wish we had one of those near me. Tiger match was on, drinks were poured, laughter was had, and overall it was an excellent time.


I appreciate all that Sharon and Mike did for hosting us. Thanks a lot for putting this on each Thanksgiving. Love you guys.

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