Friday. Christmas Party Time.

It’s Friday and my house is getting ready for our yearly Christmas Party. My wife and Lauren are making the Costco trip to get some last minute odds and ends. It sure is nice to have her home for the holidays. 

Lauren and my wife before the Cubs game

Also ontop of that is the lovely fact that I have my end of the year golf tournament tomorrow. I’m just going to go out there tomorrow and have some fun. Hey it’s the holidays – enjoy it with people that I enjoy golfing with. 

For those hoping for ‘asshole’ Chris to show up at my Christmas Party.

I think you’ll be disappointed. Though I appreciated the texts from friends joking about the return of last year. No I won’t be chasing after Doug – well – lets be real. No promises. HaHa. Speaking of Doug. He finally did it. He pulled the proverbial trigger and dropped his golf membership at Singing Hills. So next year’s Member-Guest will have a different look. Sure he’ll still get out to play. 

Last year’s Member-Guest fun groups. 

Alright before I sign-off. With everyone I know having Christmas parties. Be safe everyone. If you’re going to drink have a designated driver or Uber yourself to and from. 

Tune in sometime on Sunday for the recap of the last few days. 

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