Cubs to Aquaman

A whirlwind of winter trades last yesterday with the Dodgers and the Reds involved in some heavy trades. Rumor is it was to free-up some salary space and to make a move for Bryce Harper. I think it means Manny has all but moved on. Now it’s all about “Show me the money.” Heavy rumors on Manny Machado are that he’s going to be in pinstripes next year.

I just want the Bryce Harper hoopla to be over-with. I’ve felt that he’s overrated for such a long time.

On a comical note, Joe Maddon said he was reading a book to help understand ‘Millenials.’ I give the guy credit. He’s doing something productive this offseason. He also mentioned that he’s getting a better grasp of social media. Video of the interview of him discussing all of this is below.

Maddon and his offseason activities

Moving on….

I used my regal redemption points and saw Aquaman for free. I was a kid again watching an excellently done adventure. Mera was excellently done along with Arthur Curry. Comical lines were placed when necessary to add some levity to the adventure. Count me in for a sequel.

Ummm Mera.

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