Happy New Year

Bring it

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had an excellent one with friends/family. Or for that matter even if you just stayed home and became one with your couch. We changed things up a bit and this year watched ABC to drop the ball. It seemed perhaps better because we’re listening to musicians vs listening to Anderson Cooper. Of all the artists that I heard there was only one that I enjoyed. Nope – sorry it wasn’t New Kids on the Block. I wonder what Jenny McCarthy had do to get ABC to give them airtime so close to the ball drop being that she’s married to one of the bandmates. My only interests: Halsey and Weezer.

You cannot forget Weezer’s version of Africa which has been blessed by Toto.

We had an excellent time at our friend’s Terri and Andy. I think I must be getting old as the drive to ‘Go Hard until Midnight’ days are over. Who wants to feel like that the next day?

I was trying to think of some of my favorite moments of the year. There were definitely some on the DP show.

You also cannot forget the time that McLovin was talking smack to Dak Prescott. Yeah – it didn’t end well.

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