Dinner and Tournament

The past few days have been a lot of fun. Dinner out with friends at a fantastic restaurant called ‘Born and Raised’. A bit pricey but worth it with the right people. I’m still working off the weight from the six-course meal.

Lauren, Doug, Jenn, Daniela, and yours-truly

Definitely worthwhile. I almost felt like I was eating on the main floor of a giant vacation boat. But like I said, it’s definitely not cheap.

Golf Tournament

The morning after dinner it was about waking up and then off to our Wednesday tournament. A fun event in the 1-2-3 Waltz. You count one score, then two, and then three. I’m not sure anyone in our group had any birdies but we definitely had a good time. 79 for myself with some stupid mistakes coming in. It should have been a 75 easily.

Today is golf with the boys. It should be a lot of fun. My prediction: Eric breaks 80 and Da Doctor is back on track. Sam is the perfect 4th to our group. Very enjoyable.

TaylorMade launched their new M5 and M6. What’s interesting? $499 and $549 for these models and they’re claiming they’re so fast that they had to had these screw inserts to slow them down to be conforming. Very interesting. No orders yet as it’s just a product announcement. Some reviewers already have their hands on the clubs – and yes definitely faster.

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