Tournament of Champions. Politics = Lighten Up.

Tournament of Champions is upon is with the PGA Tour. First stop and kind of the official start of the PGA Tour. Though many decide to wait and start their year at the Farmers Open in La Jolla. Some of my favorite shots are below:

Slight Politics

I’ve made it a point to stay away from it. Most of my political conversations are done in person. I’ve decided that nothing anyone sees on Facebook or my website will combat the level of falsities that people are pre-programmed with. But I will mention this. A video surfaced of Ms. Ocasio-Cortez, who just got elected to the House and is representing the people of New York, and Republicans are saying that it’s a disgrace and does dishonor to her job. Here’s the video:

My take: She’s having fun. She’s a young college student. We want kids and our youth having fun. Don’t take everything so seriously. Remember the days where we found our representatives being caught in the bathrooms doing acts? Representatives exposing themselves and sending photos to whomever? Yes, that’s the stuff that we want to find dishonor in. Not someone just dancing and having fun in a college video. When you have a problem with someone just dancing and having fun, you make people like myself say ,Get the twig out of your ass.” Fortunately, she doesn’t take things that seriously and responded to it in a just fashion.

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