Golf and Losing a Good Friend

Dustin Johnson now has the distinguished honor of being the first to be penalized under the new rules of golf. For all things – playing the wrong ball. Which under the new current rules, you can even go into the penalty area and identify the ball and it’s not a penalty if the ball moves.

McIlroy looks like he has a new outlook for 2019. Bringing a low fade for when he absolutely needs to find a fairway. Ironically, he says he still gets 300 yards out of it. 300 yards?!? That’s crazy to me. The video below about him trying to be more patient in tournaments.

Moving on….

One of the benefits of social media. The Chargers running back was taking an Uber and the Uber driver didn’t recnogize him. Melvin Gordon played along talking with the Uber driver before finally introducing himself at the end. Video below:

On a more Serious Note….

When my mother passed away it was a moment of my life where I was very unsettled. I didn’t know what I was doing with my life. Now I had just lost a guiding light. I was driving a U-Haul back to Ohio all of twenty-six years old with my mother’s belongings and totally unsure of where my life was headed. I got a phone call from my friend Sandy on the drive.

You’re coming here.

– Sandy

She welcomed me. She was an ear to listen to me when I was definitely going thru a lot of grieving. Well, I found out that she died a year ago and I wish I had kept in better contact as I would have tried to have been there for her. She hated having her picture taken otherwise I’d post one but she did love her dogs. The white color dog, Sam, was one that I purchased for her. RIP Sandy. You made a big difference in my life.

Cuddles (left) and Sam

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