Oh Friday Night.

Sunrise at Torrey Pines

I took a break from blogging as I wanted to figure out what I wanted to do with this platform. Also doing some upgrades behind the scenes on the site. Giving me some new tools to share more media. I really don’t want a blog with just words on it as I feel it makes it a bit boring for the reader.

This coming week is the PGA golf tradeshow in Florida where almost all of the manufacturers are showcasing their products for the coming golf year. I’m hoping for a new Bushnell rangefinder with front, back, and middle distances but also with the option of turning on slope correction. I doubt that it’ll happen.

TaylorMade announced their new drivers. The M5 and M6 now with “Speed Injected Twist Face.” How many more marketing terms can these companies come up with?!?

Moving on….

My wife and I were talking about this most of the week. This article written in the WSJ about the American Psychological Association is re-defining what is masculinity. Read it here. I have a big problem with this. Imagine if male polar bears starting acting drastically different. Imagine if the troops at Normandy weren’t as masculine. When did masculinity become so wrong? My wife likes a take-charge kind of guy. Adam and Dr. Drew who usually are often on different sides of issues – ironically were both on the same side on this particular issue. I’ll post the episode here. Give it a listen as it’s quite funny.

Adam and Dr. Drew discussing re-defining masculinity.

Torrey Pines (Farmers Open) is on the horizon and my wife’s work got a bunch of free tickets. So I’ve been making the phone calls/texts getting a group of guys together for next week. It should be a lot of fun. Highly looking forward to it.

Friday Highlights….

It looks like we got a break from the rain. So I took to the course to get some practice in. Then in the evening we went to Hooley’s for dinner and some drinks with my wife. While there I had a discussion about Donald Trump and how he treated the Clemson’s college football champs with a buffet of fast food. I mention that I thought it was a bit of a disgrace. These players can eat better than that in their college cafeterias and now they travel to the White House and this is what they get?

I heard ,”Well Donald paid for it out of his own money.” Great. But isn’t the guy a billionaire?!? Are you telling me there wasn’t a chef somewhere that would volunteer their time to cook for the President and a college football team?!? It just seems petty and small to me. We can do better.

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