Match Play

I played in Thursday Team play this year. It wasn’t planned and didn’t go as planned either. I hadn’t played team match play since about two years ago. I was reminded of why I got away from it. There is a lot of unhealthy competitive behavior. You play to your year low golf index (handicap) and the odds that you should hit your low index for a year should be about one in twenty. Yet – somehow the guy that I play has rounds entirely of 72, 73, 71 and yet amazingly he’s year low index of four index. I don’t think I’ve mentioned that he’s driving the ball 310+ yards. When I was writing this and gathering my thoughts I was asking myself, “Would I be saying this if the outcome of the matches had been different?” Answer: Yes. It would be exactly the same.

Mike Halbert from the bunker. Excellently played.

Off to the Farmers

I got a couple of guys together and we’re off to the Farmers golf tournament. It should be a lot of fun.

Bringing these two along with two new characters to Torrey Pines.

A quick flashback to some of last year’s photography…..

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