PGA Tour

My wife and I went and attended the Farmer Open on Sunday. What an excellent time watching these guys play some premium golf on a premium golf course setup. Sunday had it all. Pins tucked in spots you should never attack with a lot of the players showing their skill and going after them.

Something I did want to discuss. On Saturday, while taking a break under a tree, I was watching how many of the PGA players would give this little kid at 6-7 years old a “high-five.” As I’m watching the percentage was zero. Group after group. Finally, one player walks past the kid and make a quick u-turn and goes back to high-give the kid. I said to the player rather loudly ,”Class act man. Class act.” These kids are the future of golf. It’s such an easy thing to do. It takes minimal time.

Also they have a flags for kids tent. It’s basically what it says. Kids wait in line at this tent and can get their tournament flags signed by players after their rounds. Only problem? The majority of players don’t show up to the tents. I understand not signing during tournaments. You’re into the moment, playing for some big dollars, and you want to keep your focus and speed of play. But after tournaments?! Cmon.

Well done Justin Rose! Well deserved win.

European Tour

European Tour is stopping in Saudi Arabia. Many players choosing to boycott the event due to their grossly out of control humanity issues. Not to mention the killing of an American journalist there. But money talks. Several of the United States players were given some bonuses and made the trip. Bryson, Dustin Johnson, Brooks Keopka, and a few others. Most of these guys getting a $1 million dollar appearance. $1 million bucks – 10% to your agent – 50% in taxes = 400k left and basically you were bought and paid for to overlook the atrocities going on in this country. Brandel Chamblee had a very good take on this being very critial of the European tour and US Players choosing to attend. Video below: Highly recommend giving it a listen.

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