SuperBowl Sunday

It’s Super Bowl Sunday folks. Are you ready for it? At the beginning of the season, all I wanted was anyone but the Patriots. Now it’s the Patriots and I may tune in just with the hope of watching them lose. It’ll probably be a Super Bowl where I’m just tuning in more for the advertising.

I will be interested to see how well my digital television streaming works. I cut the cord on my cable a month ago. Saving over $100 a month. But with the Super Bowl being such a big event and so many streaming it at the same time, it’ll be the ultimate test to see how well the streaming abilities hold up. Below is one of my favorite Budweiser commericals.

So who do you got for the game? Dan Patrick’s take on it all.

Moving on….

Rickie Fowler is in complete control of his game. He looks to be in charge and will most likely close at the Waste Management. It’ll take someone coming from behind with a strong showing to make Rickie put his foot on the gas. Rickie doesn’t have the best record when it comes to closing tournaments. We’ll see what he can do.

Slight Comment on this….

Blackface? People wanting the Virginia governor to resign. People do stupid things. When did an apology become not enough? What if a black person paints himself white to be Donald Trump? I don’t care. We have bigger issues to be dealing with.

Leave it to Henry Cavill to make me laugh.

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