Liam. Liam. Liam. Oh TaylorMade M6

I suppose you had to have heard in the news the Liam Neeson debacle. That nearly forty years ago he listened to the news that a dear friend of his was brutally raped and he sought out some revenge. Some black man to look at him the wrong way so he could fulfill his primal urge. It’s important to note that he told this to a journalist during a press junket for his latest movie. Also, it’s important to note that he didn’t do anything. He didn’t find anyone.

I applaud him for talking about this and admitting it. People are getting all riled up, and the ridiculousness of society is looking for the “gotcha” moment. But it’s an authentic moment. He’s being honest and telling from a dark moment of his life. We should applaud that, and I do. He even went on ‘Good Morning America’ to discuss the comments.

Moving on….

You had to have heard of the classless display that Sergio Garcia putt on in Saudi Arabia. He was finally disqualified after causing damage to several greens. Recently footage has also been released of his putting on a display in a bunker. Video below. How has he not been suspended from the European Tour for a month without privileges? Answer: They know he’ll just lead to the United States to play and the European Tour needs all the help that it can get.

On a funny note, Sir Nick Faldo (Masters Champion) was visiting the Dan Patrick make-shift set as the entire group is playing the Pebble Beach Pro-Am and he showed us his best Sergio impression. It’s solid.

I tested out the TaylorMade M6 yesterday. Mine is a 9 degree and I quite like it. I love the setup and the all black dark carbon fiber at setup. My main hurdle with this club is the stock shaft’s on all of these are a bit longer than normal. Or what was normal. Longer shaft and still setting up the way that I’ve been used to and it’s been causing some high and right pushes. Setup a bit further from the ball and I’ve been getting thru it nicely. Adjustments! Truth be told that if you already have the M3 or M4 there isn’t much of a noticable difference.

As you can tell from yesterday’s round I’m still getting it dialed in.

Thanks to Chris Dolittle and Dave Gould for joining for the fun day

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