Thursday Morning

I had taken a break from my blog as I considered what I wanted it to be. I really didn’t want it to be something where I regurgitate the news. There is enough of that going around. Do I just want to comment on the news stories that peak my interest? Also, I enjoy making my blog multimedia. Showcasing both video, audio, and text.

Yep. It’s Valentines Day. Do you celebrate it? I tried to get my wife to do something the day before or the day after and she was having none of it. I think we’re going to end up at one of our favorite sushi places as we’re not the type that Valentines Day requires an expensive dinner.

Have an excellent Valentines Day everyone!

Gym Fun

It’s been my mini-New Year’s resolution to get more fit. Also to get back to my running habits. I’ve gone the last three days in a row – yep lookout. Monday even consisted after a round of golf. I do have a couple of bones to pick with the whole gym experience though. Guys. Stop the grunting. Two, if you’re going to wear a tank top make sure your flippin nipple isn’t hanging out of the damn thing the whole time.

Ladies. If you work your tail off at the gym and a guy makes eye contact, don’t act like your disgusted by it. It’s a good thing. Yes, be creeped out if he follows you around the entire time.

Moving on….

You heard about how Matt Kutcher won an event in Mexico with a local looper. He took home $1.3 million bucks and gave his caddie five grand. Very good caddies get about ten percent of earnings for big events. Decent caddies get about 5%. This is by far the worst I’ve seen of generosity. Matt, you’re fortunate to be in this business and doing the job that you are. Even luckier that you are winning. Congratulations Matt! You just showed that you’re a cheaper tipper than Tiger Woods. Also if you gave the guy $50k is it going to make a difference in your lifestyle when you’re bringing home $1.3 million? This will now be a part of your legacy. Congratulations!

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