Found Bobby Fisher

More and more players are using Instagram now. Nothing political. Occasional political satire photographs. You throw on a nice caption and boom you’re off to the races. Now with the addition of the ‘Instagram Stories,’ it put a huge dent into Snapchat. I was never a huge Snapchat fan. The whole business model was content that disappeared. Nothing was permanent. At least with Instagram you’ve got the option of whether you want something more permanent or whether you only want it visible for 24hours.

Did you see Tiger Woods and the fan who said ,”Make it and I’m putting it on Instagram….”

Day Ahead

I’m excited as my daughter is coming down to stay with her dad for a short bit. She’s growing up fast and before I know it she’ll be off to high school and college. Just baffles me. I was reminded of one of my favorite movies as a kid ‘Searching for Bobby Fisher’. It is such a well-done movie. I had been looking for a good HD copy of it. Finally found it and added it to my plex collection.

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